"I knew when I met you, an adventure was going to happen" - A.A. Milne




Your wedding should be everything you want it to be, but sometimes it can be a tad daunting figuring out how to put it all together or even to comprehend all the elements you want to include.  I am here to support you every step of the way and to try and ensure the only interruptions to your magical day are that you can’t stop laughing or smiling or crying happy tears. 

No matter how crazy or peaceful, kooky or traditional, I can help you create the ceremony that’s perfect for you. I am available to you throughout the whole process, and will do everything in my power to make this the day you dreamed of.

Ever After Ceremonies Weddings
Ever After Ceremonies Weddings
Ever After Ceremonies Weddings


Step 1.

Initial meeting to see if we are the right fit, and discuss the type of ceremony you are after. There is no cost for this meeting.

Step 2.

If you decide to book me to conduct your ceremony, you can complete the booking form and pay a non-refundable deposit. Once the deposit is paid a ‘Marriage Kit’ including my resource book, full of ideas and examples is given to you. You will also receive a questionnaire to fill out in your own time, so I can get more insight into you and create a ceremony that is personal.

Step 3.

In the kit is a “Notice of Intended Marriage”, together with a request for other information/documentation. This Notice must be lodged with me at least one month before the wedding date. Do not complete the back of this form (Page 4) until we next meet, or you have it witnessed by another person who is specified on the list on the back of the form as being able to witness your signatures.

Step 4.

Complete the front of the form and bring this with you to our next meeting. At the time of signing, I will need to view your ID and Proof of Date and Place of Birth (kit advises what type of ID is required) along with documentation if either party has been previously married. (You must provide evidence of how the marriage ended, usually a Certificate of Divorce in the case of divorce, or a death certificate if a previous partner is deceased). The Divorce certificate has changed names quite a few times so your certificate may be called something different – eg Decree Absolute.

Step 5.

We will discuss your requirements for the ceremony and I can loan any resources required. Music is more than likely being discussed now as well as readings and other aspects of the ceremony.

Step 6.

Send me your answers to the questionnaire that we have gone through during our meetings along with any idea you may have on the ceremony.

Step 7.

I will type up the draft, and create your ceremony using the information you have given to me and forward a copy back to you for final tweeking.

Step 8.

I always recommend a rehearsal. The rehearsal is an important part of the process to ensure your wedding ceremony is perfect. I will take you through all the choreography, steps and paperwork so everyone can feel comfortable and confident on the day. It is also a time of bonding for families, the bridal party and even the couple. The balance of my fee is usually paid at this time.

Step 9.

Any modifications to the ceremony will be addressed along the way, with the final draft being completed at least two weeks prior to the wedding. I will forward a final draft to you for authorisation. This is a team effort so we will go back and forth a bit until we get it just the way you want it.

Step 10.

On the day, and at the place and time arranged, all parties including the guests, meet and the marriage takes place. I normally arrive 1 hour before the ceremony is due to commence.

Step 11.

You have a spectacular wedding.

Step 12.

I will forward all legal documentation to the appropriate organisation (Births, Deaths and Marriages) within fourteen days of the wedding.


In an Australian wedding, there is a requirement by law that you say a legal vow to each other. Along with this vow you can add anything by way of a personal vow and I encourage all couples to write their own vows, as you know what promises you want to make. 

I am more than happy to help you do this. Let them be as funny or quirky or as romantic as you like. Make them represent what your relationship is. I can of course provide ideas and tips and help you style them and double check them.



I can’t stress enough the importance of having a rehearsal for your ceremony. Regardless of whether you are having a tiny and intimate wedding in your lounge room, or a grand event at a large venue, a rehearsal is important. Preferably at the same time the wedding is to go ahead. It is useful to the entire bridal party to see where they are to stand, how the service will unfold, and practice elements they are unsure about. It is also the optimal time to ask me any questions you have and to finalise any paperwork, just to name of a few of the values to rehearsals. 

I am such a firm believer in the benefit of rehearsals, I offer one at no extra cost for all my weddings, to limit any possible surprises and to make sure you go into your day feeling secure and comfortable.

Ever After Ceremonies Weddings